Be more productive with these fastest lightweight laptops

20 June 2019 | 5 minutes
Be more productive with these fastest lightweight laptops

Let's face it—whether you’re going on a short holiday, packing for a hectic business trip, or commuting to work, you just want to travel light. However, what if your heavy laptop is the one that’s holding you back? If that’s the case, then you should get a lightweight laptop. 

The struggle is real when it comes to carrying around a bulky and heavy device. Worse, it can suck the energy out of you if it suddenly lags while watching a movie or during a presentation. If you’ve been experiencing these for years now, then it’s time to ditch your bulky laptop. You deserve the best there is in the market, and we want you to be more productive than ever. Hence, we have compiled below 2019’s fastest lightweight laptops that you can consider when shopping online. Read on to check them out. 

1. Best-buy lightweight laptops
2. Best budget laptops with great price to performance ratio
3. Shop for the latest laptops online in the UAE

Best-buy lightweight laptops

laptops sale uae

Laptops were always meant to be these little portable computers that you can carry around with you. But when they first came into being, they weren't quite as portable as one would like them to be. The very first laptops resembled a small suitcase and weighed nearly as much. And the performance of those laptops was not impressive, to say the least. Luckily, there has been a massive improvement. These days, it is possible for most people to live without a full-blown desktop. Lightweight laptops are powerful and affordable enough to use as your daily driver for work and at home. 

  • Dell XPS 13 - If you're asking yourself "what is the best high-performance laptop available in the market today", Dell XPS 13 is the answer. Owning this latest laptop iteration means you'll enjoy a super-thin and super-powerful device featuring a 4K screen option. Hence, you will be able to finish even the most demanding tasks with ease and convenience. Design of this laptop is similar to Apple laptops except for the fact that the inside body is made of plastic. The outer body is anodised aluminium and looks pretty good. The whole package is incredibly thin when you consider its impressive specifications. You don't compromise anything if you are going for this laptop.
  • HP Spectre 13 - Touted as HP's most opulent slim laptop, Hp Spectre 13 is inspired by the MacBook's dimensions and the Lenovo Yoga 900S's style. If you're looking for a device with a character, this will never disappoint. It's so thin to the extent that tapping its tactile keyboard feels like your fingers are tap-dancing on the desk. Moreover, this lightweight laptop features Intel Core-series processor inside, which it considers as its edge over the MacBook. It intelligently combines computing muscle and striking aesthetics, making it perfect for someone who wants to get the best of both worlds. But it is strange that a laptop at this price point has only a screen resolution of 1080p. Except for that, everything else about this laptop feels premium.
  • Apple MacBook Air - Though this laptop's 2560x1600 display resolution isn't class-leading enough, it's still clear and sharp enough to work on, watch videos, or edit photos. Plus, it boasts a wide and full stereo speaker system. When it comes to power, the MacBook Air is also your best pick. With its dual-core 8th-generation Intel chip, you will discover the true definition of productivity. Do not expect this to perform as good as the MacBook Pros, which are heavier and many times more expensive. But for the price and its size, MacBook Air is worth it if you are already used to Apple’s ecosystem. Also, Apple has a reputation for the impeccable build quality of their products.
  • Microsoft Surface Book 2 Is ultra-portable power on top of your list? Then the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is something worth considering, as it offers incredible performance at an amazing price. This 2-in-1 laptop-tablet has been improvised in every aspect boasting top-rated battery life, an outstanding 15-inch 3,240 x 2,160 resolution display, and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 GPU. Hence, you can expect a device with a remarkable computing package. Microsoft has a unique approach when it comes to their product design. This laptop also follows a muted grey tone like every other product in the Surface line. Some people might not find this very interesting.
  • Razer Blade Stealth - Searching for something that will take your online gaming adventure to the next level? The Razer Blade Stealth will grant all the desires of your heart, as it comes with a wealth of innovative features such as extra gaming power, Nvidia GeForce MX150, up to 16GB of RAM, and 8th-gen Intel Core i7 processor. What's more, it boasts immersive audio and customised keyboard lighting to keep your spirits high while gaming. Though it may cost you an arm and a leg, it's worth it. Like what you would expect from a Razer laptop, this one is an absolute beast when it comes to gaming and video editing.   

Knowing about the various models of lightweight laptops is not enough. You also should know which one is right for you. In order to find that out, you should first consider how you would use it and what you need it for. If you do a lot of travelling, you probably need a laptop with very good battery life. On the other hand, if you want the laptop for basic video and picture editing, look for the models that have good dedicated GPUS. The memory capacity of the laptop is also vital. Most laptops will have an extra slot for one or two additional memory sticks too. 

Best budget laptops with great price to performance ratio 

budget laptops with superior performance

The rapid rise in computer technology has driven down the prices of laptops. As laptops are getting smaller and more powerful, they are also becoming more and more affordable. These days, you can find lightweight laptops with decent specifications and great design for a few thousand AEDs. This would have been unthinkable a few years ago when laptops used to weigh three and four kilograms and would cost you at least a few thousand even for the most basic requirements. Here is a list of laptops that are lightning-fast and also have very good portability.  

  • ASUS ZenBook UX310 - Are you going to use your laptop mostly outdoors? Then you can never go wrong with the ZenBook UX310, as it features impressive anti-glare properties. One of its downsides though is its Intel HD Graphics 620, which doesn't make it the best high-performance graphic laptop. However, it's one of those affordable ultrabooks packed with other advanced features that will give you the best value for money. The laptop is available with Intel i3, i5 or i7 processors. You can also choose the RAM and storage capacity of the laptop. Remember that there is no dedicated GPU in this laptop. 
  • Huawei Matebook X Pro - This ultra-slim laptop with touchscreen is eye candy, thanks to its sleek design, MacBook pro-slaying internal hardware, and a smart in-keyboard pop-up camera. Weighing only 1.33 kg, it's also easy and convenient to carry around. No wonder, a lot of customers consider this as the best ultraportable laptop in the world. The screen resolution doesn't go all the way up to 4K. Anyone would agree that the 3K screen still looks stunning. Unless you go pixel hunting, you wouldn't even notice the difference. But such low prices come with a few drawbacks. The storage capacity is not that much, and there is no SD card slot.  
  • Lenovo Yoga C740 - Lenovo Yoga series is known for its lightweight laptops. Like the previous years, this series has got an upgrade in 2020. As you can probably tell from the name, it is a direct competitor to the ZenBook series from Asus. The prices of different variations and the specs are similar to each other. But this one is a little cheaper and also has a larger screen than Zenbook. So, if you want a bigger screen and a more affordable laptop, you should probably go for the Yoga C740. Another great advantage of Yoga laptop is that they have 360 degrees. This hinge will let you flip the screen over and use the laptop as a tablet.  

There used to be a time when budget laptops were only for basic word editing and watching Netflix. But newer models of budget lightweight laptops completely break down that equation. Most of them also offer a great battery life. Well, if you want to carry your laptop with you when you travel, then it better lasts for at least five or six hours on a single charge. If you are okay with a bigger form factor, you might be able to push that to around eight hours of battery life., which is basically a full workday.  

Shop for the latest laptops online in Dubai

buy laptops online in uae

Now that you already have an idea on the best and latest laptops available in the market in 2019, it’s time to start hunting for cheap laptop deals. Whether you’re aiming to give your productivity levels a boost, searching for something portable that you can carry around, or desiring to take your online gaming adventures to new heights, our product search engine offers a myriad of selections to choose from. Explore more than 500 online stores here, including Virgin MegastoreJumboMenakart, and many more!  


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Best designer bags to add to your luxury collection in 2020

Best designer bags to add to your luxury collection in 2020

There’s something about . Most women are obsessed with these accessories and love flaunting them. Well, that’s because they are a wardrobe staple and add zing to any style statement. Today, the options for bags made by signature brands are endless. And that means you get to enjoy your shopping splurge even more!

And since bags also come in an array of types, you can end up using a new one every day. These accessories also come in so many different colours, shapes, styles, and so much more. Thus, you can always mix and match them according to your outfit of the day. This, indeed, is the fashionista’s dream! If you are bored of the outdated bags in your closet, then we will unveil the trendy ones that will spice up your style statement. So, read on to discover the best designer bags to add to your luxury collection this year.


Why do people buy expensive shoulder bags and luxury handbags?

Designer bags are essential for parties, events, and social gatherings. They are both a style statement and a status symbol for most people. If they buy designer clothing, then their and handbags should also match. And though these accessories cost a lot and last for years, some people have the privilege to toss them in a couple of months as the trends change. This is specifically true for celebrities, movie stars, and royalties. Meanwhile, some people just love collecting luxury bags. Hence, they never miss a beat when it comes to buying the latest releases. Simply put, owning a designer bag is a rewarding experience.

Which designer bags and satchels are in style today?

Satchels are are a hit for both men and women. A lot of people leave no stone unturned while shopping for these accessories. Brands have realised this, so they end up creating items that are indeed one of a kind. Some of the classiest luxury bags today are , , , , and . You can also check out , , , and . Trust us, you will steal the show when people see you flaunting them.

Different types of women's bags and why you need them

If is not your cup of tea, perhaps you can check for other alternatives. houses an extensive selection of various types of bags. And that means there’s an ocean of choices available for you. We have compiled below some of the trendiest bags today that you need to need to have in your closet.

  • Tote Bags – Amongst the most classic variants, are large and excellent for everyday use. Of course, you can also use them for special gatherings, as well as for laidback day events. Several amazing brands keep coming up with extreme variants of tote bags, and they are now a classic! They are very versatile, and you can use one for your baby's stuff, as a gym bag, shopping bag, and more. 
  • Cross-body Bags – These are the best pick of those who love comfort. These types come with a smaller bag and a long strap, which sits around the torso comfortably. A lot of men and women love this bag for everyday use. It doesn't weigh your shoulders unlike the other types, so it's a hot favourite for those who keep comfort over everything else. The generally give any outfit more visual appeal, as they pull the clothing close to the body. 
  • Bucket Bags – As the name suggests, have a heavy bottom and can accommodate a lot of things. Just like a bucket, these bags feature a medium-length strap. They are also comfortable and look great. People love using them for work, but they are also perfect for most semi-casual and casual events. 
  • Top-Handle Bags – For those who love the idea of smaller, compact bags, are the one for you. These are characterised by a handle sitting on the head; hence, the name. The size also ranges from small to medium. Alternatively, some also have a long strap, so the bag hangs around the waist. You can use whichever strap you find comfortable. 
  • Backpacks – These bags are the most popular type. They are perfect for both casual and work settings. A lot of corporate individuals love the convenience of carrying them every day. Some of them can also accommodate a laptop very conveniently, so you also have that taken care of. are sought-after today, as they perfectly combine comfort and style into one.

With so many beautiful options for the , the world is your oyster when it comes to making a choice! However, it’s important to understand first your purpose and comfort level. If you are new to it, browsing for the latest variants is something you should do before you go ahead and start shopping. You can also try a few styles and see what works.

How to care for designer bags

Caring for your bag is the key to making it last for years. Though designer bags are known for their superior quality, they are still prone to wear and tear. Well, you don't necessarily have to invest time and money regularly to do this, but a few minutes every once in a while is all it takes. We have rounded up below some foolproof tips to improve the life of your designer bags.

  • Wrap them in their original cases – You always get a beautiful cloth bag when you buy a designer bag. Some might even come with premium packaging, depending on the label. Either way, don't throw it, this is the best gear to hold your bag. Instead of dumping it in the closet after use, wrap it in the original casing, and you will retain its brand-new look. Keep it in a place where there is no weight on the bag, and it gets plenty of air circulation too. 
  • Keep them away from moisture – Moisture is the worst enemy of leather, and pure leather bags will start showing signs of distress if they come in contact with it. So, don't leave them in the kitchen or on the dining table. Be extra careful with your bag, and you will see how long it lasts. If you get water or any liquid on it, wipe it quickly with a cotton cloth. Once it is dry, wrap it and store it away. 
  • Handle with care – No matter what, use your bag with caution. It is effortless to see the change when you do that. Don't keep it on an unclean surface and say no to rough handling. The same goes for storing it well, be it in the closet or some other space. Also, use a chair when you're dining out, instead of placing the bag on the floor. Remember that dust is also its enemy. 
  • Repair minor defects immediately – If you spot a tear or crack in your bag, attend to it immediately. The reason most women throw their bags away is that they don't pay attention to signs of wear and tear immediately. Mending them right away will prevent the onset of worse damage in the future. Get in touch with an experienced and qualified repairman to prolong the life of your bag for years.

Over time, it is easy to see that and totes will last much longer if you put in that little bit of extra care. It definitely goes a long way in making sure you get value for your money. Most of the designer bags are made of pure leather, which has a useful lifespan on its own. If you make caring for them a habit, it is easy to abide by it each time you use the bag. Make sure you keep up the consistency to make a difference.

Which designer bags for men are worth buying?

While affordable and don't go together, you still have some options to get the best of both worlds. If budget is a constraint, then keeping an eye for some deals and discounts is a great way to own your dream designer bag. For men, there are just as many choices as women have. Brands have realised that men too love flaunting their style and bags are one way to do it. Amongst the best ones you can find at Bloomingdale’s today are , , , , and .

What are belt bags, and are they still in style?

are also popularly known as fanny packs. They are very common, and designers offer a variety of them. They are generally small, fit around your waist, and are excellent for trips. People use them extensively when they travel. While fanny packs are great for keeping some handy essentials, they might not be the best for your cash. They are less safe since someone can easily pull them hard and come off. However, you can conveniently carry one anywhere and be hands-free and happy. While you cannot use it for office or formal events, many luxury belt bags are changing this notion today. They are secured by a buckle in most cases.

Buy the best luxury bags at Bloomingdale's

It is easy to buy when you spot the right one for yourself. However, there are so many styles, varieties, and designers today that getting the perfect one can also be a challenge. Online shopping is, however, a stress-free way to get your hands on just about anything. When it comes to luxury bags, Bloomingdale’s is the best place to get everything you need in one roof. Be it online or in-store, you can explore here the world’s most coveted brands. These include , , , , , , , and , to name a few. So, hurry and indulge in a bag shopping spree today!

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Love urban fashion? Make an impression with these latest trends for men

Love urban fashion? Make an impression with these latest trends for men

These days, seems to put on more colours than it used to a couple of years ago. It has gone from muted tones to brighter and colourful designs. As white-collar workers are getting rid of rigid dress codes, there is now more room to do experiments.

However, most men might not fancy going after the latest fashion trends. The menswear community particularly tends to put more importance on the clothing quality over how trendy it is. In fact, people who jump on every fad bandwagon often get frowned upon. But not all fashion trends are equally vain. There are ways you can upgrade your wardrobe to suit the without going overboard or losing face. We’ll tell you more about this below.


What men's shirts are in fashion this year?

The is the hottest trend to look out for in urban fashion. Featuring a noticeably large collar, it has gone from being an exclusive staple in beachwear to a trendy streetwear ensemble. Thus, it is great to sport during the summertime. Cuban collar shirts are characterised by short sleeves that end just below the elbow. Moreover, you will not find them in solid colour options. If you want to have an extra cool look, go for a mix of bright colours like yellow, green, and blue. A pair of chinos trouser and will help you top off your outfit.

What are the trending shoes for urban fashion?

If you don't want to dress like a dad, then go for the classy street fashion for guys. And the best way to do that is through your . Yup, this year is a turning point for men's footwear trends. Baring ankles with no-show socks are slowly fading in popularity. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a new pair, then get some good-quality tube . Another trend to look out for is the sandal category. Till now, sandals haven't been the most popular choice to bolster your fashion credentials. But that also is changing. The decades ahead are bringing about a change in the way we look at these footwear. You can find a good collection of to spice up your outfit on .

Top five men’s fashion trends to follow in 2020

The world of menswear gets interesting year after year, especially during the . There seems to be an endless and continuous drip of new-ins during every season. If you are considering to upgrade your , summer is the best time to do so. But you also have to think about not breaking your bank when doing that. If you are paying a high price for something, then it should justify the quality of the product. While there seems to be a spillover of new designs each year, here are the five hottest men’s fashion trends you should definitely follow.

  • All whites - This trend seems to come back after every five years. And this is undoubtedly the biggest . Dressing up in all whites like you are in some French Riviera will give you that classy masculine appeal. While this style is hard to pull off successfully, it is a surefire way to heighten your coolness factor once you get it right. White are a great pick, as they go well with anything. You can either pair them with white sneakers or a contrasting pair of dark tan leather .
  • Mid-wash denim - If 2019 was the year of dark jeans, 2020 would go down in history as the year in which mid-wash denim came back in style. The light tones of this type of denim make it suitable for hotter climates. So, say goodbye to the discomfort of wearing dark blue jeans in the heat of the summer. According to style experts of the , mid-wash denim will still be on-trend for a couple of years to come. That means if you buy a good pair this year, you could still be wearing them two years from now.
  • Vertical stripes - You have two reasons to wear vertical stripes shirts this year. Firstly, they always look great regardless of the trend. Secondly, thin vertical stripes can actually make you look slimmer than you are. So, if you have been trying to shave a few pounds off, you can try wearing these shirts to complement your efforts. Trust us, they are superb when it comes to creating some nice illusion to give your desired figure.
  • The navy style - The sea has always been the source of inspiration for men’s fashion. If you have ever wondered why peacoat is all the rage these days, now you know the reason why. But that’s not all. You can also don some fisherman beanies, dock-worker , and horizontal stripes similar to a sailor and still look cool. Not only are these clothing items mainstream, but they are also an elegant way to dress up in the summer.
  • Matte leather jackets - If you are thinking about glossy black leather jackets, then get them out of your mind. Those ensembles haven't regained their 80s glory in this decade yet nor will they any time soon. Instead, think about tan leather jackets with a matte finish. Pair them with matching denim jeans or chinos, and they will give out an excellent vibe. However, look for jackets that are not heavy, as they are too hot for the summer. If you want a convenient place to find those , then Ounass is the answer.

Apart from these, you can also try some classic evergreen styles like with jeans. Cheques, in particular, never go out of fashion. So, you can safely don them any time of the year. However, keep in mind that ensuring the right combination of clothing, styles, and hues is vital. Hence, spend some time researching on how to mix and match different ensembles and colours to slay your look. Of course, don’t forget to wear a to complete your style statement. Last but not least, grab some to achieve the alpha male look.

Trending bag styles to check out this year

We all know it—bags are not a default part of a man's outfit. That’s because they can have large enough pockets in their to keep the things they need. But fashion experts think that most people downplay the significance of bags in men’s fashion. If you want to try incorporating this accessory into your get-up, then you can try the following .

  • Sleek and glossy suitcases - These used to dominate formal fashion. Through the ages, they represented wealth and power. But now, you can safely flaunt them out in the streets with a casual outfit without the fear of causing a fashion disaster. When buying a suitcase, look for those classic leather ones. Explore the curated collection of on Ounass.
  • Solid-coloured backpacks - The best thing about a is its versatility. Not only can you wear it to a formal office meeting, but also to a game of golf. But this year, bright-coloured backpacks that are a little more conspicuous are on-trend. Go for the ones with a solid deep tan or dark blue hues. But opt for a matte finish to work well with semi-casual outfits or formals. Don’t feel bad about getting a bag with large exterior pockets either.
  • Fanny packs are back - A couple of years ago, fanny packs used to remind us of old people who found it too inconvenient to reach out to their trouser pockets to fetch their mobile phones. But that is changing now. Also known as , these have had the most heroic comeback in the world of fashion. You will find them in a variety of shades including on Ounass. If you want to take your style up a notch higher than that, then wear them with your shirts and knee-length .
  • Crossbody bags - If you want to make your life a little easier, then get a to keep the things you need often. Not only is it highly fashionable, but it’s also greatly convenient. It is, in fact, the middle way between a backpack and a fanny pack. The only downside is that you might find it to be a minor distraction when you are sitting down.
  • Faux fur bags - If you haven't tried fur bags yet, then this year is the right time to do so. Fur suitcases and fur bags are amongst the most trending men’s accessories today. Think of winter in the UAE when you are shopping for them. However, ensure to pair them with the right outfit to slay your look.

Finally, it is not appropriate to talk about men's bags without mentioning the oversized beach bags. They are a one-size-fits-all solution for all kinds of uses. As the name suggests, you can pack your things for a beach trip, use them as a carry bag when you are shopping, and whatnot. In a nutshell, you should look at the quality of the material when you are shopping for bags. Because these are supposed to endure dust and a little bit of wetness, the quality of the leather or fabric will determine how long you will be able to use them.

Explore urban fashion and shop on Ounass

Whether or not you have a thing for men’s fashion trends or want to experiment with your look this year, you can check out the amazing collection of clothes and bags on Ounass. This store houses some of the world-renowned luxury brands including , , , , , , , , , and . Aside from fashion products for men, you can also explore and for women. So, it is the best place to find an exquisite to your special one. And if you have a penchant for interior decoration, you can check out here an extensive collection of too. So, shop now!


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Working from home? Stay productive with these fast laptops & cool accessories

Working from home? Stay productive with these fast laptops & cool accessories

Thanks to technology, there are now jobs that can be done at the comfort of our own home. Not only this is convenient but also enables us to spend more time with our family. However, it is imperative to have the right device and equipment to ensure optimal productivity levels. Well, this is where come into the picture.

Yes, the gadgets that we used only on the weekends and to browse casually after work are now the key to earning our bread and butter. Remote working is now a mainstream concept, and companies are also appreciating the benefits of it. Thanks to the boon of technology, functioning even when you're not in an office setup is easy. The best part is that you can take advantage of flexible working hours too. Well, all thanks to the wonders of the mighty laptop. If you are searching for a new one to replace your old gadget with, then read on. We’ll reveal everything you need to know and help you choose the one that ticks all the right boxes.


Which are the best laptop and electronics for home use in 2020?

Picking a good laptop is an important decision. Of course, when you're looking at an option today, it is mostly for the fact that you want to use it for your work-from-home scenario. The good news is, you can conveniently shop at the comfort of your home. And if you want a wide array of selections to choose from, then Virgin Megastore is your best bet. You can find here fast and high-performance laptops such as , , , , , and to name a few. And of course, there are also and to make your work-from-home experience fuss-free. And the best part is that these are offered at incredible prices!

How are laptops changing the world today?

The concept of working on a laptop is not only bound to home-use today. Companies also invest in them for their employees. This gadget is portable and powerful; thus, enabling you to work with ease and convenience whenever, wherever. Compared to a PC, it also facilitates easy repair, software updates, and so much more. These are just a few reasons why laptops are now a necessity. The best part is that they are no longer as expensive as they were earlier. Unless you don't go for a premium brand, most of the good brands have decent variants that will last you a good couple of years. Some of the more rigid ones have worked successfully for almost 5 to 8 years too, without having to undergo any sort of repair or adjustments. Lastly, the comfort factor of working on a laptop is the best!

Are laptops cheaper than desktops?

When laptops were newly launched, they were incredibly pricey. There were only a selected group of people such as businessmen and entrepreneurs who had the privilege to own one. However, times have changed, and there are now so many brands that have stepped into the market to offer them for everyone. Further, there are always newer additions to laptops–gaming and foldable laptops to speak of a few. The more the brands and choices increased, the costs also reduced. Hence, everybody can own one today, even kids and students. However, laptops, on average, are still way more expensive than desktops. That’s because they feature superior performance, portability, and functionality all rolled into one.

Different types of work and gaming laptops

While some people need to have a laptop at home for work purposes, others invest in a . Therefore, when shopping online, it’s a must to determine the one that will perfectly suit your needs. Keep in mind that laptops vary in purpose and functionality. And buying one that is not compatible with your needs can take a huge toll on your pocket. So, let’s explore below the various types of laptops available today and which one works best for your requirements.

  • The standard notebook laptop (essential) – Perfect for students and even entrepreneurs, the is something that everybody comes across. It does a great job taking care of everyday work. The ease of carrying it around depends on its size, but it is generally not very slim. The variants could be in terms of the RAM, screen size, battery life, storage capacity, and other factors. 
  • The ultrabook laptop (basic and advanced) – As its name suggests, this laptop is perfect for carrying when you are out and about. Some versions are as lightweight as a mobile phone, and you just won't feel carrying it in your backpack. If you regularly shuffle between home and work, or different meetings, then the Ultrabook is an ideal choice. The best part is that you can upgrade it as per your software requirements, and it will still work very well since it's designed for both basic and advanced usage. 
  • The MacBook laptop (basic and advanced) – This one works for everybody. You could be a designer or a game creator, and you can modify the to match your requirements. Thanks to its super-fast technology and light weight, it is very easy to use and carry. And since it is jam-packed with all the best features you are searching for in a laptop, it comes at a price. However, with Apple's technology, it is worth every buck! MacBook also carries a certain aura of its own, making it a favourite amongst business people. 
  • The convertible laptop (advanced) – The perfect blend of a laptop and a tablet, you can use this in both ways. It is the most ground-breaking laptop version today, which has taken the world by storm! After using this one, you will never look at a regular laptop again. It is excellent to open into a full-fledged version while on a desk. But if you want to work from your bed, you can fold it to a comfortable size. It is one of the priciest ones in the market today, but again, it's a revolution in the world of computers and laptops. 
  • The gaming laptop (advanced) – Bust your boredom and enjoy the thrill of staying at home by investing in a superb . Most of the models today come with a stellar graphics card, an amazing software to support animations, and an advanced system which will not slow you down. Virgin Megastore has some excellent options in store for both beginners and pros. These include , , and so much more. So, explore them today!

The easiest way to pick amongst the is to research and determine all the features you need. And if you want to give them some upgrade, you can easily do so by considering add-on software. Given that laptops and electronics keep updating constantly, you will surely have newer variants in a couple of months again. Convenience comes at a cost, and the higher you go, the better the handiness factor of the gadget will be.

Top laptop accessories and why you should invest in them

There are so many today that you can spend days researching about them and you will still have more to cover! Brands understand how these can make or break a user’s experience, even if he is using the best laptop. The great news is, there are now some stellar options at the tip of your fingers when you want to take your gadgets to the next level. Below are some of our top picks.

  • Wireless mouse – This small but beautiful accessory takes your laptop to an entirely different level. It’s easy to use without the trouble of managing wires and mouse pads. Not only using the touchpad for long hours can be tedious and uncomfortable but it also slows your pace. Thus, you will love a ’s convenience. Not to mention, its lifespan is also pretty good. 
  • Portable laptop charger – Even the battery of the best laptops get drained over long hours of usage. Well, the saves the day! It makes it easy to work in the garden, balcony, or even while you're grabbing some breakfast. Small enough to fit into a laptop bag, you can also carry it to the office or another location from where you're planning to work. It helps to invest in one, apart from the original chargers that come with all laptops. 
  • Laptop backpack – This one is a must both for safe storage and easy carrying. If you already have a bag to carry your other stuff, then use a protective sleeve instead. Never push your laptop with no cover directly into it. That’s because the sensitive corners can damage easily, and they are expensive to fix. Good thing, there are some cool and sleeves that you can pick today. To get the best value for your money, check out deals and discounts during promo periods and sale events at Virgin Megastore. 
  • Noise-cancelling headphones – Whether it is a conference call or listening to your favourite music to take a break from work, there is no doubt that are a must for laptop owners. From the name itself, it cancels out the noise in the surroundings to provide you with an immersive listening experience like no other. Some of the better ones are sold at a steep price but are worth every buck you spend. 
  • Laptop cooling pad – Definitely a very underrated accessory for laptops, this one is excellent for those who work for prolonged periods. Most of the smaller laptops are designed for shorter durations and will heat up if you use them continuously for long hours. A proper will take care of this issue. It is also called a ‘chill mat’ and is perfect for older laptop models that tend to head up quickly.

Moisture, humidity, heat, and dust are the enemies of laptops. So, having the right accessories is of utmost importance to ensure that your gadget is well taken care of. Besides, they offer extra comfort and convenience factors to boost your productivity levels. Whatever you need, you can easily find it in the online world at the best market prices. And yes, the best place to shop for them in none other than at !

Are laptops good for gaming?

Most of the regular laptop versions do a fair job in supporting games. However, they take a toll on the gadget’s speed and performance. Thus, it is only apt to use a gaming laptop, as it has the right configuration to support different software on which games are based. There are several different types of games for professional gamers, and most of them are developed using reliable premium software. It takes a good gaming laptop to test and play these games for quality check and different purposes. Hence, it is expensive, cumbersome, and highly recommended for gaming professionals and fanatics. If you don’t want to shell out a lot of bucks, then you can consider used laptops for sale.

New video game consoles and gaming accessories for 2020

If you are working from home, then it can get monotonous after a while. You can neither go to your cafeteria for lunch breaks nor mingle with your friends. So, why not play online games instead? If you are a gamer by heart and find yourself playing them more frequently, then it is right to invest in the and . These include , , external speakers, and . Consoles can mostly change your gaming experience and opting for a good one is the key to a flawless gaming experience. Some of the must-buy ones for 2020 are , , , and .

Where to buy cheap video game consoles and handheld gaming accessories?

Laptops and gaming gadgets have become more critical now that we are homebound. Isn't it ideal to and handheld in that case? It makes it so much easier to work and be more productive too. A lot of folks who are on a budget also check for pre-loved variants. Depending on the condition of the item and the value for money, you can inevitably end up with a good buy. However, nothing beats new electronics, as they come with a warranty. If you want to get the best of both worlds on your purchase, Virgin Megastore has got you covered.

Buy your dream laptop at Virgin Megastore

Everybody prefers to buy electronics with a lot of caution. They are expensive, and with sensitive parts, it’s best to be sure that the dealer will take care of any future mishaps. Thus, conducting research before making a purchase is crucial. Well, Virgin Megastore is one of the go-to stores that you can rely on. With so many choices when it comes to laptops, phones, accessories, and whatnot, you're sure to find everything here. Yes, and that’s true even when you want to . Amongst the top brands you can explore here include , , , , , and so much more.

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How to choose luxury shoes that combine style and comfort

How to choose luxury shoes that combine style and comfort

Psychological researches show that people make accurate guesses about the personality of others from their style statement. Shoes are surprisingly a good indicator of a person’s character. Women who wear the are perceived to be laidback and on-the-go. Meanwhile, those who are often seen in high-heels are typically viewed as glamorous and high-maintenance. Men who love sneakers are dubbed as basic. On the other hand, those who often wear  or lace-ups are seen as the type who wants to impress.

Whatever your personality or taste when it comes to your footwear, we know that you want to have a pair that combines style and comfort. Well, who says you can’t get both? Today, shoemakers understand their customers’ needs more than ever. So, they invest a considerable amount of time and effort in ensuring that their creations are both fashion-forward and comfortable. Yes, and that means you can grab a stunning pair that doesn’t hurt your feet. is amongst the favourite stores in the UAE dedicated to offering luxury footwear for both men and women. Whether you are on a hunt for the or a classic comfortable shoe, you can explore the collection of world-renowned brands at this upscale shop.


Top insider tips on buying luxury shoes

There’s a saying that says ‘beauty is pain.’ Well, this holds true for women. If you are one, you know for a fact how high heels, in particular, can cause many woes. At the end of the day, they leave you with pinched toes, cracked heels, and sore feet. While footcare products such as creams and plasters can save the day, it would be better not to experience any sort of discomfort at all. Thus, it pays to choose the right footwear, especially if you are setting your sights on a pair of luxury shoes. We’ve compiled below some practical tips and tricks to ensure that you will get the one that suits your taste, is gentle on your feet, and gives the best value for your money. So, keep reading.

  • Examine the shoe carefully – Even though brands like , , or are trustworthy enough, experts still recommend checking their shoes in detail. That’s because each design or construction can impact your pronation differently. Generally, the sole must consist of rubber or leather. And if you want your shoes to be permeable to water, then go for something that combines both of these materials. The sole must also be thick enough for durability, optimal grip, and superior stability. These examination rules are ideal for , , and other closed-toe styles. However, a pair with at least a three-millimetre sole is recommended when it comes to , , and the like. Also do not forget to check the insole, and opt for one made of leather.
  • Distinguish top-quality leather – Whether you’re a shoe collector or buying a luxury pair for the first time, it is imperative to know what quality leather is like. Generally, it is breathable and chemically treated to offer all the required cushion, support, and comfort to your feet. Also, high-quality leather will always be matte. But for a finished shoe, it will be difficult to judge the quality by its appearance. In such a case, you can smell the leather to know if it's real, but it can also be deceiving. So, assess the shaft movement instead. A single crease is normal, but if you notice several creases, then it’s a red flag.
  • The right fit and timing are essential – A rule of thumb for buying a new pair is to never try it after having been out and about all day. The reason is that walking, sitting, or standing for several hours can well up your feet. And it makes a difference in the size for up to two millimetres. According to experts, a new pair should give a snug fit. This becomes more important if you are buying leather, as it loosens with time and use. So while trying a shoe, make sure your foot sits in nicely. Any pinch or excessive space inside the pump is a sign of a lousy purchase.

We hope the tips above would help you spot and grab that perfect pair of luxury shoes. The good news is, there is a long list of brands that offer fashionable yet comfortable classic shoes for ladies, gents, and kids. These include , , , , , and more, which you can all find at Level Shoes.

How to look and feel good in classic comfortable shoes

The very first thing style experts consider when buying a shoe item is its comfort factor, and so should you. This is specifically true if you are going to wear it in the workplace. What if your officemates suddenly plan an after-work night out, or an unexpected deadline comes up? That means you have to endure the discomfort on your feet for more than 8 hours while still looking classy. This scenario is indeed awful, especially when donning high heels or lace-ups. However, the good news is, it’s avoidable.

  • Keep style a preference – Ladies can stick to the traditionally accepted pointy-toe shoe. Or, they can be on a more attractive side by going for wider pointy toes. A wider toe can decrease the chances of developing painful neuromas and bunions.
  • A closed-back works fine at work – This style offers a better grip all around your feet; thus, the most common foot problems are avoided. However, if a closed-back is not your cup of tea, then finding a style with straps works just fine. Keep in mind though that a rough strap can cause pain in the heel section.
  • Support is crucial – A pair that doesn’t offer arch support results in a painful foot condition known as plantar fasciitis. Apart from that, it also takes a toll on your back, knees, and hips. If you require optimal support, then orthotic insoles can be helpful in this case.
  • The colour – Yes, the colour combination is a crucial factor when it comes to shopping for women’s and . A subtle or neutral shade is versatile enough to work with most casual, formal, and corporate outfits. However, if you want a pop of colour, then go for those bright and flashy hues. You can only pair these with select and limited ensembles, though.

Shoes with platform heels are ideal for everyday wear in the office. These classic shoes for ladies feature a slight arch with a bit of height, thus providing you with optimal support. Experts also recommend those with minimalistic touches and thin soles for an added comfort factor. In terms of colours, they claim that classic black, grey, beige, blue, or oxford brown can go a long way.

Which shoes go with anything?

Minimalism is sensational these days even when it comes to for men and women. More and more brands are offering nude shades and classic tones that can perfectly go well with any colour. What’s more, most of their designs are streamlined yet chic. If you are in a quest for minimalistic footwear, you can dive into an array of selections at Level Shoes. Amongst the great finds here include sneakers, , and more. The best part is, you can also explore . Featuring versatility and class, all these shoes go well with any outfit. So, having them in your wardrobe is win-win!

Which colours of luxury sneakers for men and women are the best?

Colour is everything when it comes to and women. These shoes are versatile in nature, making them perfect for almost any outfit in your wardrobe. The trendy shades for men nowadays are universal colours such as black, white, grey, and cream. Meanwhile, for women, the most in-demand ones are white, black, denim blues, and pink. These hues look stunning when paired with jeans, shorts, midi skirts, and even T-shirt dresses.

Where to buy luxury and classic shoe online?

Level Shoes is the best place to indulge in a shopping splurge. That holds true whether you are a resident or a tourist in the UAE. This store is renowned for its 96,000 sq ft of glamorously designed space featuring the combination of shoe fashion, design, and art. It also houses the world’s most luxurious offering bespoke and fine collections. Not to mention, it takes pride in its premium . And since it is an upscale store, you can find here state-of-the-art amenities and services. These include a dedicated , , , and . Want to shop at the comfort of your home? You can also have access to Level Shoes’ products through its online store.

Indulge in your next shopping splurge at Level Shoes

Level Shoes has it all—from to for women, cute and for kids, as well as stylish sneakers and . Not to mention, you can also buy here that will bring out your panache on the big day. With various premium selections from your favourite designer brands, your cravings for a fun shopping spree will always be satisfied. Want to step up your style this Then check out their exclusive selections at incredible prices today!

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